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NET covers the basics. It is specifically designed to help you quickly get to the point where you can implement the basics and start implementing more advanced systems. Introduction LIMKOS.NET is a.NET/C# library and command line tool that lets you easily manage Hikvision .NET-supported cameras. All Hikvision .NET supported cameras are managed with Hikvision .NET. If you have a camera that supports Hikvision .NET, and you have installed Hikvision .NET, you can access the camera with LIMKOS.NET. The usage of Hikvision .NET in LIMKOS.NET is the same as that of Hikvision .NET in any other application or device. Hikvision .NET consists of many different device types. For example, the network camera, the IP camera, the keypad, the remote access, the terminal, and the built-in motion sensor. For more information on Hikvision .NET features and capabilities, check out the Hikvision .NET Quick Guide at The design of LIMKOS.NET is very modular. You can choose to use the modules that you need, or use all the modules. You can also choose to use the components that are included in LIMKOS.NET or use your own components. Additional Hikvision .NET enabled devices and Hikvision .NET SDKs (Software Development Kits) are available at Example Screenshot In this example, we use a digital IP camera that is deployed on a network. The camera has a fixed IP address, such as We assign the camera a host name of "photo" in the web server. Here are the initial configuration settings for LIMKOS.NET:      The following is the configuration screenshot:



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HD Online Player (Download Software Fingerprint Soluti)

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